Detect Duplicates using Set

We can Easily Detect Duplicates using Set. In this tutorial we will create a program whose functionality will be to detect duplicates using set in the given input. in the program we are using Set because set does not contain duplicate elements. code to detect duplicates using set:- import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.Set; public class FindDuplicates … Read more

HelloWorld using Servlet and Eclipse IDE

In this post We will see very basic example of HelloWorld using Servlet, Eclipse IDE and run the application using Tomcat 7 Server. Here We will follow the step by step process of simply printing the message using servlet. So the basic requirement to run this project is Eclipse ide and Tomcat server, so in … Read more

Reflection in Java and It’s Uses

Reflection in java is used to describe code which is able to examine or modify the run-time behavior of applications running in the Java virtual machine. Reflection in java is a powerful technique that enables applications to perform various operations which would be otherwise impossible. We can inspect and dynamically call classes, interfaces, methods, and … Read more

Hibernate Architecture

Hibernate a popular orm framework was created by Gavin King in 2001 as an alternate to using EJB2 style entity beans. Hibernate architecture is layered and an Object-Relational Mapping solution for Java environments. Object-Relational mapping refers to the technique of mapping data from an object model representation to a relational data model representation. It is … Read more

How to Resolve ConcurrentModificationException

The ConcurrentModificationException comes under RuntimeException, and may be thrown by the methods that have detected concurrent modification of an object when such modification is not allowed. When a thread is iterating over a Collection, generally it is not allowed for another thread to modify a Collection. The ConcurrentModificationException can arise in single threaded as well … Read more

JavaScript: an Overview

JavaScript (JS) is easy to use , dynamic computer programming language, commonly used as part of web browsers. it’s implementations allows client side scripts to interact with user, it can control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that is displayed. JavaScript is also used in game development, server side network programming with … Read more

Different Way to Iterate Over Collection in Java

In java there are multiple ways to iterate, loop through, traverse the elements in collection. For example if you want to display the elements, remove the elements in a given collection then you can implement different ways to iterate, loop or traverse on a given collection like iterator, basic for loop, enhanced for loop etc. … Read more

Difference between JRE JVM and JDK

JRE JVM and JDK are the terms used in Java Programming Language. In this Article We will see what are the differences between JRE (Java Runtime Environment), JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and JDK (Java Development Kit)? JRE (Java Runtime Environment) Java Runtime Environment contains JVM, class libraries, and other supporting files. It does not contain … Read more

Hibernate Interview Questions Series Part 5

This is the Series four of Hibernate Interview Questions 41. What is transactional write-behind? Hibernate uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine an efficient ordering that avoids database foreign key constraint violations but is still sufficiently predictable to the user. This feature is called transactional write-behind. 42. What are Callback interfaces? Callback interfaces allow the application … Read more