Hibernate Architecture

Hibernate a popular orm framework was created by Gavin King in 2001 as an alternate to using EJB2 style entity beans. Hibernate architecture is layered and an Object-Relational Mapping solution for Java environments. Object-Relational mapping refers to the technique of mapping data from an object model representation to a relational data model representation. It is … Read more

Hibernate Interview Questions Series Part 5

This is the Series four of Hibernate Interview Questions 41. What is transactional write-behind? Hibernate uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine an efficient ordering that avoids database foreign key constraint violations but is still sufficiently predictable to the user. This feature is called transactional write-behind. 42. What are Callback interfaces? Callback interfaces allow the application … Read more

Hibernate Interview Questions Series Part 1

This is the Series of Hibernate Interview Questions mostly asked in freshers and experienced level Series Oneof Hibernate Interview Questions 1.What is ORM ? ORM stands for object/relational mapping. ORM is the automated persistence of objects in a Java application to the tables in a relational database. 2.What does ORM consists of ? An ORM … Read more